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Teacher Recognition from Benicia Rotary

Congratulations to Barbara Jossey!

Darrell Doi, President of Benicia Rotary and Barbara Jossey

Darrell Doi, Barbara Jossey, and Wendy Smith, Principal of Mary Farmar

Benicia Rotary Club recognized Ms. Barbara Jossey as the January teacher of the month from Benicia Unified School District. Ms. Jossey was recognized for her outstanding contribution towards our community through her hard work at Mary Farmer Elementary School. She also gave us an account of her history with the Rotary International organization worldwide and its support of youth.

Congratulations to Kathy Crozier!

Darrell Doi, Kathy Crozier, and Leslie Beatson, Principal of Matthew Turner

In February, the Benicia Rotary Club welcomed Kathy Crozier and Leslee Beatson from Matthew Turner Elementary School to their Rotary meeting. Kathy Crozier was presented with her Teacher of the Month Award. Kathy shared a few words about her love of teaching children within our community.

Benicia Rotary Club is happy to recognize and support our local teachers and schools through this annual program. Each teacher received $25 in Downtown Dollars and was presented with a check for $200 to go towards school sports equipment.

Please visit the Benicia Rotary website and/or Facebook page for more details or contact a Rotarian.

Congratulations to Patricia Sawicki!

Darrel Doi, president of the Benicia Rotary Club, Carin Garton, principal of Joe Henderson Elementary, and Pat Sawicki, December 2014 Teacher of the Month

In December, 2014, Benicia Rotary Club recognized Mrs. Patricia Sawicki as the teacher of the month. Mrs. Sawicki was recognized for her outstanding contribution towards our community through her hard work as a special education teacher at Joe Henderson Elementary School.