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Have you visited the NEA Member Benefits web site? You can find financial programs, services, and discounts designed exclusively for NEA members.

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The NEA Attorney Referral Program provides members the benefit of discounted legal advice. During each NEA membership year each member has:

Legal services in other areas or by attorneys not participating in NEA's Attorney Referral Program are not provided at NEA discounted rates.

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More About Legal Rights

Have you read the article An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure? Read valuable tips on how to protect yourself from legal hassles.

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Legal Rights Information

Recently, public school district employees have faced an increasing number of charges of sexual or other criminal misconduct with students. District officials who investigate these charges often seem to believe only the students. Employees facing such charges need competent legal counsel immediately.

The CTA Department of Legal Services has prepared the following “Do’s and Don’ts” for CTA members charges with sexual or other criminal misconduct involving students. Remember: Even in you know you are innocent, district officials must investigate on the assumption that you are guilty.


1.) Do Contact your BTA/CTA Representative Immediately. The BTA representative may be your site representative or a member of the Executive Board.

2.) Do Seek Referral to a CTA/NEA Legal Services Attorney To Discuss The Situation.

3.) Do Keep A Diary of All Communications From Anyone About The Situation, So You Will Have A Complete Record Of Everything That Transpired.


1.) Don’t Talk To Anyone Except Your Spouse About Details Of The Situation Until After You Have Talked To Your Lawyer.

2.) Don’t Be Misled By District Officials Who Say That “Nothing Will Happen To You If You Just Tell Them About The Situation."

3.) Don’t Take Any Action Affecting Your Job Until You Consult With A Lawyer.